School Newsletters

Please find below the newsletters for 2019.

In order to be good stewards of the world God has created, our newsletters are emailed to parents each week on Tuesdays.

If you are currently not receiving the newsletter and would like to do so, please contact Narelle in the school office, or use our contact form to make an inquiry.

Term 4 Week 5.pdf
Term 4 Week 6.pdf
Term 4 Week 4.pdf
Term 4 Week 3.pdf
Term 4 Week 2.pdf
Term 4 Week 1.pdf

2019 Term 1, 2 & 3 Newsletters

Term 1 Week 1.pdf
Term 1 Week 5.pdf
Term 1 Week 9.pdf
Term 1 Week 2.pdf
Term 1 Week 6.pdf
Term 1 Week 10.pdf
Term 1 Week 3.pdf
Term 1 Week 7.pdf
Term 1 Week 4.pdf
Term 1 Week 8.pdf
Term 2 Week 2.pdf
Term 2 Week 6.pdf
Term 2 Week 10.pdf
Term 2 Week 3.pdf
Term 2 Week 7.pdf
Term 2 Week 4.pdf
Term 2 Week 8.pdf
Term 2 Week 5.pdf
Term 2 Week 9.pdf
Term 3 Week 1.pdf
Term 3 Week 5.pdf
Term 3 Week 2.pdf
Term 3 Week 6.pdf
Term 3 Week 3.pdf
Term 3 Week 7.pdf
Term 3 Week 4.pdf
Term 3 Week 9.pdf