Photo Gallery

Congratulations - Swimming Champions for 2020


12/13 Yrs: Alison Baird & Samuel Dunlop

14 Yrs: Eden Mitchell & Jack Graham

15/16 Yrs: Georgia Clissold & Angus SmithCongratulations - Swimming Champions for 2020

17 Yrs: Talitha Mitchell


Jnr Girl/Boy: Annabelle O'Neill & John Morrison

11 Yrs: Charlotte Allen & Patrick John Ryan

12/13 Yrs: Cedar Mitchell & Liam McClure

Althetics Carnival Age Champions 2019

Congratulations to the students who were awarded age champions:


  • 15/16 Year Champions: Jordan Briggs & Talitha Mitchell
  • 14 Years Champions: Joshua Henley & Etasa Mocelutu
  • 12/13 Year Campions: Jack Graham & Eden Mitchell


  • 12/13 Years Champion: Lucille Reading
  • 11 Years Champions: Liam McClure & Cedar Mitchell
  • Junior Champions: Patrick John Ryan & Charlotte Allen

Mrs Barkley is learning about mummyfication! Here are the photos from when we carved and buried our apples in the salt mixture which is supposed to desiccate the apples ready for burial. You can also see photos from ten days later when we checked on our apples to see how they were drying out. They were a bit juicy still, and can use another 10 days, if not more. You can see why the Egyptians allowed 40 days for the process, especially considering how big the human body is. You can also see why the mummy's foot that we saw at the museum looked so shrivelled and small. Things tend to shrink when you dehydrate them!

A group of secondary students, with Mr Barklay and Mrs Murray, headed to Sydney to participate in the Shakespeare Carnival in Term 2, 2019.

Musica Viva June 2019

We love getting to see these amazing musicians come and share their talents with us!

Athletics Carnival 2019

Kinder & Year 1 Library Excursion

On Wednesday 22nd May the Kinder/Year 1 class took part in the Simultaneous Storytime at the local library. The students enjoyed listening to the story ‘Alpacas with Maracas’ and doing the craft activity.

Lake Keepit School Camp - April 2019

What an amazing time away with an awesome bunch of kids! We are so grateful for the opportunity to hang out with you guys for a few days.. hope you had as much fun as the grown ups!

Colour Run 2019

Thanks to all who helped set up, run and participate in the colour fun run - what a great afternoon we all had!

Circus Day

We had so much for getting to learn some circus tricks at school. Check out these photos to see how clever we all were at spinning plates and juggling sticks!

Wear Purple for Epilepsy Day

Each year our staff and students dress in purple for the day to raise money, awareness and conversation about epilepsy. For more information, see Initiatives We Support