Vision & Mission

To be a caring Christian community that supports families by providing a quality Christ-centred education, which develops the whole person for life and eternity

1. To provide a quality Christian education that meets the academic, spiritual, physical, social and emotional needs of each student.

2. To teach the NESA curriculum encouraging each student to attain their best possible results according to their God-given abilities.

3. To infuse the curriculum with a Biblical Worldview that challenges students to become discerning and able to make wise judgements.

4. To challenge all students to trust in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour and to assist them to grow as His disciples.

5. To provide opportunities for spiritual growth and service that help students grow in Christian character.

6. To help all students grow in a biblical understanding of themselves and others as loved, valued and unique because they are created in God’s image.

7. To have a mature Christian staff who are well-qualified, passionate people who seek to model Christ to the students.

8. To work in partnership with parents and their church for the nurture, growth and equipping of their children.

9. To develop a relational community where the biblical principles of love, grace, justice and forgiveness are learnt and practiced.

10. To be a Christian witness, through life example and missional endeavour, to our local community and the world.