School Uniform

Primary & Secondary School Uniform

All school uniform is available at the school Uniform Shop, accessed via the Front Office. For pricing and details, click here.

Please ensure all items of clothing, hats and jumpers especially, are clearly labelled so they can be returned to their owners.

Out of Uniform Days

We enjoy regular out of uniform days at our school throughout the year, encouraging one or two each term. Generally, there is a reason or fundraiser to go alongside the day. Find the organisations we choose to support here.

On days where no uniform is required, including sports days, please take note of the following regulations:

  • No singlets - shoulders should be fully covered

  • No T-shirts or clothing with inappropriate slogans or symbols

  • No bare mid-riffs or revealing neck lines

  • Shoes must be fully enclosed

  • Hats must be worn

Kinder: Tuesday & Friday
Year 1/2: Tuesday & Friday
Year 3/4: Tuesday & Friday
Year 5/6: Monday & Friday

Years 7 - 10: Thursday (Week 1); Monday (Week 2)

General Uniform Guidelines

Enrolment at M.C.S. involves an agreement to wear the school uniform. Uniform not only displays belonging to our school it also displays our heart attitude to submit to authority on a daily basis.

The uniform shop does not stock long grey trousers, socks or stockings. These can be purchased from Target.

Nail polish, false/acrylic/gel nails are not permitted. Nail length should not be longer than finger tips due to Work Health and Safety.

Shoes need to be leather with an enclosed toe and solid and supportive sole.

Uniform is to be worn properly.

School Hats

School hats should be worn all year when not in a classroom.

The School hat/cap must be worn by all students outdoors in the playground and during sport and P.E. Infants/Primary/Secondary "no hat, stay in the shade" rule applies. Hats are not to be "loaned" to other children. Students without hats may be asked to go to an allocated area during recess, lunch or sport.

Hair Policy

Haircuts must be conservative and non-natural hair colouring is not permitted.

Length of boy’s hair must be above the collar.

Girls with long hair should wear it tied back to assist with Head Lice control.

Winter Accessories

If students are going to wear a beanie, gloves, stockings or a scarf they must be black, as per winter uniform guidelines. No colours please.


Jewelry is not permitted except for girls with pierced ears wearing one only matching pair of plain, non-decorative studs.

Girls - one ring of a conservative choice - High School only.

No bracelets, necklaces or anklets.