Our History

The Moree Christian Community School commenced in March 1984 in the hall at the rear of the Moree Baptist Church. The initial enrolments were eighteen students with the teacher in charge being Miss Vicki Bennett. Various improvements were carried out by the Baptist church to enable the school to begin, these included improving lighting, toilets and windows.

In April 1985 a demountable classroom was added to the school campus to cater for the increased enrolments. A second teacher was also added to the staff, Miss. Narelle Lock, who later became Mrs. Narelle Marsh.

It was immediately evident to the church, deacons, and School Board that additional land was required both for the growth of the church and the school. Initial inquiries were made to the Moree Lands Office for the land south of the church site and these, accompanied with a request to lease the land west of the church site proceeded.

The hand of God closed the door to the south but opened in a remarkable and miraculous way to the purchase of the land that now accommodates the school buildings.

God’s hand was evident in the purchase and even though legal proceedings held the purchase up for almost two years, God was faithful throughout and supplied the needed land at a very attractive price to the church. The purchase was finalized in October, 1987 but God was way ahead of us in what He was doing with His school.

In 1984, the School Board had received advice that grants for building projects could be applied for through the Commonwealth Schools Commission. The School Board deferred any decision about a capital grant application in 1984, but kept its options open for 1985.

In mid 1985 the School Board appointed Ian Bailey, the school treasurer and Lindsay Croll to work in conjunction with Vicki Bennett to prepare a capital grant application. It was with much faith and even more prayer that on the 23rd August, 1985 an application for a grant of $163,000 for additional buildings and facilities was submitted.

It was in May, 1987 that preliminary drawings were prepared. This showed that God had been moving the mountain of our Commonwealth Government to bring his vision of the school to a more visible reality. But there was a problem. The project had been pruned to $90,000 and the school would have to raise $70,000 of that money – the Schools Commission was to give us a grant of only $20,000.

It was a time of soul searching for the Board – was it good stewardship to borrow $70,000 in the prevailing economic climate for the benefit of only $20,000? What was the next step? The decision after prayer, was to proceed.

The school received a grant of $75,000 with the school needing to contribute $15,000. Even when the final project was increased in value to $95,000 the schools portion wasn’t increased but the grant was increased to $80,000 – Praise God.

At this point we purchased an adjoining house property which required a great deal of renovation/modification and this building is now used as a music room and classroom.

Since these beginnings we have grown over the years quite considerably to a current years K – 10 situation. We have added to the initial demountable building, doubling the size. In March, 1994 we erected a classroom block comprising two early childhood rooms, art room and a remedial room. By this time ground space was becoming short for playing areas as we catered for a much wider range in ages and classes, so we purchased a parcel of land to the north of the school. In February 2002 we again dedicated another block comprising a large administration area, clothing pool, library, art room for the secondary school, sports storeroom and cleaning equipment/general storeroom.

As a result of the Federal Government's Building Education Revolution (BER) Grant, the school was also able to add a Covered Outdoor Learning Area, Woodwork Room and Food Technology Room.

Over the years we have seen much growth from the original 18 students. We give much praise and thanks to God for the provision of all these material things that are very necessary for the privilege of educating our children and bringing them up in the knowledge of God.

As we look back we can see God’s hand marvellously at work in the growth of the school. May God richly bless the school in the years to come.

1984 - Beginning of the school year

School building in 1985

1984 School Photo

1985 School Photo

1992 School Photo

Building the COLA

1994 Opening of New Classrooms

2002 Finishing the Office Building

Building the Kitchen and Woodwork rooms