From the Principal

Moree Christian School was established as a ministry of the Moree Baptist Church in 1984, and is a K-10 school. We take pleasure in being a small school with a big heart that offers a caring atmosphere in which excellence of learning may be achieved.

There are many factors that parents consider when thinking about schooling,all of which are valid considerations: transport, cost, class size, electives etc. I believe that there are other weightier considerations that need to be considered.

Education is more than gaining knowledge of the world around us. It is learning how to respond to and live out that knowledge. We need to prepare our children for this. Some see education as being neutral, however, I do not believe this to be the case. The education authorities require schools to incorporate morals and values into all subjects. Whose values and morals are being taught to our children? Are they absolute? Can they give our children the firm foundation and moral compass they need to navigate successfully through this life?

In Psalm 111:10 it says: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow His precepts have good understanding.

We need to establish our children on a firm foundation that will not change the rules to suit current trends and ideas. There is only one absolute truth and that is the truth found in the Word of God. God created us and therefore knows what we need to operate and function successfully. His Word is the manual that we can follow in order to live lives of purpose and meaning.

For this reason all subjects are taught from a Biblical Worldview. Students are encouraged to question and understand life and knowledge through the filter of God’s Word. In doing this they learn about who God is and who they are in Christ. This is a sure foundation to teaching children to respond to and live out the knowledge they are taught at Moree Christian School. MCS is about developing strong, positive Christian citizens with a deep sense of calling, compassion and desire to stand against injustice. It is about empowering and equipping young people.

We are blessed to have a staff who are passionate about their Christian faith and their jobs and who strive for excellence in all they do. We endeavour to cater to the needs of all the students who attend MCS regardless of wealth, education and social status. Each person is a person of value and hence needs to be treated with integrity, respect and dignity. It is a community that seeks to model what it teaches and understands that what it models is the most powerful form of education.