School Fees

School fees are a vital source of income for our school. They play an important role in providing resources and programmes within the school curriculum. Without these fees our school could not operate. It is therefore imperative, for the financial well being of our school, that fees are paid promptly. Invoices for fees are sent to families annually.

To assist families the school offers a direct debit arrangement. If you wish to use this payment option please attend the school office promptly to make the necessary arrangements.

Any parent/guardian who is experiencing financial difficulty is welcome to make an appointment to discuss the situation so a suitable arrangement can be made. Any matter discussed will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

Any parent/ guardian who has not made payment, a direct debit arrangement or requested an appointment by the due date for fees, will be contacted immediately and their child/children's position at the school may be placed in jeopardy.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school, during school hours, if you wish to discuss school fees further or if you have any query regarding your invoice for fees.

2018 School Fees

Family based rebate application forms are available to all school families where two or more children attend school. We recognize that with more than one child at school, there is a greater need for assistance. Please find the family based rebate application form on the Fee Rebate Information page or obtain from the front office.

Activity Levy for 2018

Primary K-Yr 6

Secondary Yr 7/8

Secondary Yr 9/10

$94.00 per student

$153.00 per student

$264.00 per student

School fees are due and payable on the first day of each term. On that understanding parents/carers are free to make arrangements to pay fees in an agreed form and time frame. Payment may be on a weekly, fortnightly, term, or a yearly basis or as agreed.

· Payments made on a yearly basis paid in full before March 31st will attract a 5% discount.

· Fees are reviewed annually and therefore the fees may be subject to change.