Fee Rebate Information

Basics of MCS Fee Rebates

From our commencement, Moree Christian School has recognised the importance of two biblical principles that should be reflected in our fee structure. The first speaks of bearing one another’s burdens (see Galations 6:2) and implies that where a person has excessive burdens that they are unable to bear alone then it provides an opportunity for others to assist in meeting that need.

The second principle that also must be applied, reveals that each one should bear his own burdens as far as he is able (see Galations 6:5), indicating that each person is to take responsibility and ownership for the normal commitments of life.

Our fees therefore have been set so that those who cannot afford to pay full fees can be helped to send their children to the school. This has meant that our school draws children from low as well as middle-income families.

What is a Family Rebate?

A Family Rebate recognises that as a general rule the more children one has at school, the greater the need for assistance. The Family Rebate is applied according to the number of students enrolled per family. Rebates only apply to tuition fees and are only valid for the current school year.

What is a Need Based Rebate?

A Need Based Rebate is based on specific financial need and required that you provide full details of average weekly income and expenditure and supporting documents where appropriate. This information is treated as confidential by the school. Rebates only apply to tuition fees (upon request).

Important Information:

  • It is expected that families would prayerfully consider any application for rebate.

  • A family should not apply for a rebate until they actually need it, e.g. a family with two children may not need a rebate, but when their third child comes to school they may need to apply for a rebate.

  • Rebates are granted for one year at a time and a new application needs to be made each year, based on a family’s current circumstances.

  • Rebate applications must be submitted by the due date or there may be a delay processing them to your account.

  • Where parents are unable to pay a lump sum they must enter into an approved payment plan with the school. An approved payment plan will typically take the form of a weekly, fortnightly or monthly installment paid to the school using our Direct Debit facility.

If you require more information on rebates, please contact the School Office.