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It is our pleasure to provide you with information regarding our school. At Moree Christian School, we desire the education of the whole child, providing opportunities for learning and development in intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual areas. We are a school that aims to provide a nurturing, Christ-centred education for your child whilst also ensuring children experience academic excellence.

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Bible Verse of the Day

Next Week

Our Athletics Carnival is on Friday 18th June. Students are to wear their house colours: Red for Gwydir, Blue for Mehi. All students must participate in the 100m and are encouraged to have a go at other events.
The program for K-2 will finish at 12pm and students will be free to go home after this time.
Parents and friends are welcome to join us at Boughton Oval from 9.30am

Coming Up

Next term parent teacher interviews will be held. K-4 interviews will require booking a time slot between 3.30 & 5.30pm and will be held in class rooms.
Interviews for years 5-10 will be held in the church hall 4-6pm, come as you are ready to meet with teachers as they are free.
Interviews are strictly 10 minutes.

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